[Does drinking rice porridge increase moisture?

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]_ Aggravated Moisture _ Impact

[Does drinking rice porridge increase moisture?
]_ Aggravated Moisture _ Impact

When people usually eat rice, they usually eat stuffy rice. In fact, rice is very rich in eating. For example, cooking rice porridge is a very popular method, especially for people with poor gastrointestinal functions, or children and elderly people.People, usually need to eat more rice porridge, which has the effect of nourishing the spleen and stomach, so will drinking rice porridge often cause the body’s moisture to increase?

Does drinking rice porridge increase moisture?
As long as there is no sugar, jujube, wolfberry and other sweet foods in general porridge, it will not increase the humidity. Guidance: When cooking porridge, you can add barley, poria, white lentils, which can strengthen the spleen and dampness, and improve moisture eliminationDrinking porridge does not cause moisture in the body.

In addition, coix kernel red bean porridge can also remove moisture from the body.

May wish to drink some.

It is also good for the body.

So how can you drink porridge without worry?


Hair love oil 2.

Facial oily 3.

Stay drooling while sleeping (moisture saturation replaces itself) 4.

Defecation is sticky (not easy to wash off) and more defecation.


Big belly 6

Wet in the ear (Wet Zen) 7.

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A healthy tongue is reddish and moist. There is a layer of tongue coating on the surface of the tongue. It is white and quiet, moderately wet and dry, not slippery and dry.

If the tongue does not meet these indicators, it means that there is a problem with body function.

If the tongue is white and thick, and looks slippery and moist, it means that there is cold in the body; if the tongue is thick or thick, and it is yellow and greasy, it means that there is damp and heat in the body; if the tongue is red and mossy, it means that the body is warm to a certain degreeThe degree of trauma was overcast.

1. Coix seed tea: Boil rice noodles about 5 grams each morning and evening, and use warm water to brew them.

Take after meals.

It can moisturize the skin, whiten and moisturize, refreshing qi and blood circulation, and regulate menstrual pain.

According to the owner ‘s experience, it ‘s even better to add a little sugar or honey. It ‘s fragrant, delicious, beautiful, and weight-loss!

2. Jieshu Tea: Soak 5 grams of cooked indica rice noodles in 500ml of warm boiling water. It can be used as a tea drink.

Has nutritious hair, prevents hair loss and reduces hair softness.

3. Slimming soup: A, add 3-5 grams of indica rice flour after boiling the fresh milk and stir it.

Moisturizes the skin, whitens and moisturizes qi, promotes blood circulation, regulates menstruation and analgesia, and drains weight.

B, Oolong tea, dried kelp, coix kernels.

At the end of co-research, boiling water was blended.

Have the effect of weight loss.

4. Barley porridge: Coix kernel is rich in dietary fiber. The absorption of bile salts responsible for digestion and digestion can make the internal absorption rate of auntie poor and reduce blood auntie.

In addition, Coix Seed can promote the metabolism of blood and water in the body, diuretic and edema, so it can achieve the effect of weight loss.

Coix kernels are not easy to cook, and overcooking will destroy the effect, so it is best to soak them in water for more than three hours before cooking.

The amount of kernel is not high, but it has a sense of satiety. It is a nutritious natural diet for health care and a substitute for removing impurities from the body.