Interview questions to answer partial questions

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Interview questions to answer partial questions

Interviews such as the college entrance examination, carefully prepared for a long time, repeated practice of various interview questions, read through familiar.

In the end, I went to the exam with confidence, and as a result, I got out of the exam room, dejected, and bare my chest.

It turned out that there were partial questions in the exam, and a big score was lost.

Too much preparation, the opportunity was no chance to shake hands with the company.

  Lu Jian is a college student who graduated in 2003. He majored in computer science and studied very well in school. After graduation, he worked in a company for two and a half years, and has been the backbone of the company.

However, because the person is too honest and not good at interpersonal communication and communication, there is nothing good about raising and raising a salary. He feels aggrieved. He took a job-hopping approach during the Spring Festival in 2006.

Unexpectedly, 2006 was the peak year for employment, and the workplace was crowded with tsunami, and competition was fierce.

With my resume and work experience, I also got three interview opportunities. However, because I have no experience in interviews and I am not good at expressing words, I will not sell myself. As a result, I failed the interview and stayed at home for six months.

  The first stage: the various connected processes and processing throughout the interview process, including before the interview, during the interview, after the interview, interview etiquette, etc.

  The second level: Pass the interviews in various scenarios, especially the stress interviews. In addition, there are general questions, professional questions, and English questions.

  Thirty Years: Partial Topic Handling Techniques: Partial topic is the main reason for failure in the previous interview of Lu Jian, so it is the focus of counseling.

  If you encounter partial questions during the interview, you will be hesitant in your heart. You don’t know how to answer, think about it, and finally answer wrong.

In fact, the emergence of partial questions is that during the pressure interview, the interviewer raised temporary questions based on the situation of each person, but they were just not prepared in advance.

When answering this kind of question, there is a principle: from the perspective of the company and from the perspective of the boss to answer the question, so that you can think about it in other places.

As long as your position is from the perspective of the company, the problem is generally not large, at least 80% correct.

(Do not forget this.

) Examples of partial analysis: (1) If our company did not accept you this time, but after a period of time, if any of the admitted people have not passed the probation period, make room for you and inform you, will you come again?

  Analysis: This is a very sharp question, killing two birds with one stone, not only looking at your approval level of the company, but also examining your personality.

  Wrong answer: 1) Why should I come again?

I didn’t find a job.

  2) I don’t want to wait. Besides, I may have been accepted by another company at that time.

  3) I have not been accepted now, which means that the company has not been optimistic about me, and I have no interest in coming.

  The answer: I had no choice but to pursue another career with regrets that I could not bear this company.

  Correct answer: (Don’t forget the principle of transposition thinking) Hehe, teacher, that means I am a “substitute player”. It is also a honor to be a “substitute player” for a strong team, and I will definitely be very happyHappiness.

Besides, the “main players” all work from “substitute players”.

As long as I work hard in the future, I will definitely be promoted from “substitute player” to “main player”. Now that I am a “substitute player”, it means that I should pay harder than the “main player” to meet the company’sClaim.

I believe that I can definitely work hard to become the “main player” of the company and make my biggest contribution to the company.

Thank you teacher for giving me a chance.

  Answer: Maybe the company can hire you now.

  (2) If the salary standard given by the company does not meet the salary requirements on your resume, will you still come to our company?

  Wrong answer: 1) This is my salary bottom line. If it doesn’t, then I may consider another company.

  2) Then I may not necessarily come, because I think my requirements are not high.

  3) If that is the case, my salary after the job change is still lower than the original salary, and I have to consider it.

  Answer result: Because there is little difference in wages, a development opportunity is lost forever.

  The correct answer: (Don’t forget the principle of transposition thinking) Salary is an issue that I need to consider, but the company is even more an issue that I have to consider.

What I like more is the company’s corporate culture, development prospects, and my development platform in the company.

For a young person, the future is more important than the salary situation.

Besides, each company has its own salary standard. I believe that as long as my ability meets the company’s job requirements, the company will not give me a lower salary than others. If my ability fails to meet the company’s job requirements, IEven higher wages are not appropriate.  Answer result: The company’s HR will pay subsidiary eyes.

  (3) If you work in the company, if you have the same ability as someone in the office, but the salary is higher than you, will you have ideas and balance your mind?

  Wrong answer: 1) Of course I am unbalanced, so what do I mean?

  2) If he is better than me, I will not have an idea.

If I’m not as strong as I am, I’m sure I’m unbalanced.

(Lu Jian answered that way) 3) If the company treats its employees in such an unfair way, there must be a problem with the corporate culture. Such a company has to leave.

  Answer result: As the company will not be admitted, another imbalance is added to my mind.

  Correct answer: (Don’t forget the principle of transposition thinking) Salary is the most sensitive issue for employees, and the company will generally try to handle it. If the colleague’s ability is not as good as me and the salary is higher than me, it must be that he is worse than me in other aspects.
Or, he can solve some problems for the company that we didn’t know, so the boss set him a salary higher than mine.

In the company, I don’t want to be side-by-side with others, because there are many things that I don’t know.

I like to compare myself to myself. As long as I appreciate more than myself, I have a sense of accomplishment. As long as I think that the company’s rewards match my ability, my psychology will not be unbalanced, and I will feel very good.Rush.

  Result of the answer: Definitely turn you into a company candidate in the first round.

  After a full week of coaching, Lu Jian participated in another interview. This time, he knew how to answer, and it happened very professionally.

In the rainy days of the off-season, he got a bright sunny day and got an offer from his favorite company.