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H5N6 strikes 5 ways to keep your baby away from bird flu

Guangdong’s first case of H5N6 infected had contact with live poultry According to media reports, Guangdong was the first and the second case of human infection with H5N6 avian influenza in the world. A 58-year-old male patient living in Panyu had purchased live poultry from a live poultry market before the onset.On-site slaughtering, experienced close contact with live birds.

It was learned from the Guangzhou Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that the patient is currently in critical condition and her close contacts are undergoing medical observation. No abnormalities have been found for the time being.

  H5N6 is not a new virus, and there are very few people in the population. Liao Ming, vice president of South China Agricultural University, who has been studying animal infectious diseases for a long time, said that H5N6 is not a new bird flu virus.Viruses, mainly chicken.

He also said that there are many differences in biological characteristics between H5N6 and influenza viruses that are circulating among human beings. They are very typical bird flu viruses, and the pandemic is very small in the population. Generally, infections are individual cases.

  H5N6 is coming, can I still give my baby eggs?

  Every time an avian flu epidemic spreads, parents are always nervous. The epidemic basically does not give any babies any birds.

Some parents asked, ca n’t I eat poultry, can I still eat eggs?

Experts say that the chances of eating eggs and contracting bird flu are low.

The bird flu virus can be inactivated for two minutes at 70 ° C and 1 minute at 100 ° C. Therefore, as long as eggs heated by high temperature and cooked eggs are eaten, there is no danger of active bird flu virus.In large and medium-sized markets, buy eggs that have been inspected and quarantined, and cook for a few more minutes.

  5 ways to keep your baby away from bird flu H5N6, how to keep your baby away from bird flu?

There are currently no drugs that can effectively prevent bird flu, and parents should never abuse their babies.

Experts say that the prevention of bird flu induction does the following: 1.

Avoid contact to prevent bird flu. First of all, reduce contact with birds, especially with sick and dead birds. Children should avoid direct contact with poultry and wild birds, as well as their feces and secretions.


Wash your hands frequently to develop a good habit of washing your hands before and after meals. If you have contacted poultry or bird droppings, pay attention to clean your hands thoroughly with disinfectant and water.


Pay attention to food hygiene. Try to buy regular quarantine poultry products at a distance from the place where poultry is sold. Cook poultry meat and cook it thoroughly. The egg shells should be washed under running water when eating eggs. They should be fully heated. Do not eat raw or semi-raw eggs.

To improve immunity, you should have enough sleep and rest, a balanced diet, and pay more attention to vitamin C and other foods that enhance immunity.

Have your child exercise regularly to increase the body’s resistance to the virus.


Early detection and early treatment Parents should pay close attention to the child’s physical condition. If the child has fever and respiratory disease symptoms, he should wear a mask to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Remember to tell the doctor if he has traveled or had a history of contact with poultry before the onset of illness, and the doctor’s guidanceDistance treatment and medication.