Top ten reasons why mature women are hot

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Top ten reasons why mature women are hot

The more peaceful it is, the more mature a woman becomes. Look at the Tang Dynasty from afar, and look closer to the present!

The so-called “mature woman” generally refers to mature women after the age of 30. They also have a more crimson and warmer name, which is “sister”.

  Kodak Global Vice President Ms. Ye Ying is an idol of countless boys. She is “very familiar and familiar.” She has a famous saying widely spread among college students: “My skirt is short and my heels are high!

“Indeed, a charming and confident mature woman is a female model of our time. Why should you caress your face and sigh as the years pass?

Isn’t maturity a capital, isn’t it sexy?

  This is an era when the “big sister” can defeat the “Little Meimei”, because they have the following 10 capitals -1. Feng Sao This is an absolute buzzword. It is related to style and rich charm. Little girls may be very romantic, butBut it is a wine fragrance that mature women emit after many years of cultivation.

If you can’t imitate and learn, it will take time. The flowers are easy to thank. Only the fruits can be tasted slowly.

  2. The power of motherhood. The actress scandal can only be curious, but the actress’ pregnancy is amazingly praised. This is an inexplicable social psychology. Even such a “bad” Madonna has a motherhood.Being happy is actually winning the hearts of the world!

  3. Feminine Gong Li is more beautiful and charming than Zhang Ziyi, the younger one. The key is Gong Li, not feminine.

  4. The elegant little girl is lost in love, and may throw things and cry, as if the whole world is destroyed and she is desperate.

But I have seen such a mature woman who dealt with her “Chen Shimei” in a simple and elegant sentence: You walk slowly, please bring the door.

  5. Noble Li Min as Chanel ‘s Hong Kong image representative, but many ladies are not convinced, because although she is called “the world’s first beautiful buttocks”, but her temperament belongs to the jeans line or swimwear line, there areFor some beauty, only more mature ladies such as Carina Lau can wear it on the body and perform it beautifully.

  6, the beauty of independence This is the most dazzling dress for new women. They don’t rely on coquettishness to win a rose. They value what they have, not what they ask of a man.

  7, hot body stickers mature women will be more tolerant, caring, “sister” role, will naturally constrain her words and deeds, a powerful gentle, broad, positive, warm people.

Little girls may only have a little bit of hands to engage others, while mature women know more about these gestures, pat the dust on your shoulders, or arrange the collar for you.

The action is simple, but in one go, it is very beautiful.

Mood: Women will be more beautiful because of tolerance8, have a rich inner heart, a temperament to win, and are very resistant to reading.

Flowers are used to see, and the beauty of mature women is used to read.

People who can’t see her beauty are shallow, indicating that her charm is happy, and this feeling lasts forever.

The practice from the inside out leads to a woman exuding an unspeakable charm. She is unpretentious, unpacked, permeates the original, and forms an alternative.

  9, the most understand the joy of sex Some people think that most women can truly attract sexual happiness after 30 years of age. At this time, women will not be sexual because of sex, and their sexual needs include a lot of emotional needs.

  10, The best mature woman with a good friend is generally dry and has a wide range, so as a friend of her, you will win her help; a mature woman will hurt others, but more implicitly, she is a soul catcher, but rational andTell her not to be impulsive.

Therefore, mature women are the best confidantes for men, knowing the cold and the hot, and being more at home with you, but they do n’t give you excuses, they touch you, but they do n’t make you too excited.

Xiao Meimei often does not master the fire, and as a result becomes flammable, very dangerous.

  If only from the perspective of pure female beauty, it is certainly better to be young, but the charm, subtle fragrance emanating from the mature woman’s experience, wisdom, warmth, and even accumulated misfortunes make men yearn infinitely.Scent “, not the superficial flowing fragrance of flowers.

Now men are too weak, they are more eager for this plump embrace, the tenderness and tenderness of mature women can relieve the pressure and depression in men’s hearts, and have a good therapeutic effect.

Indeed, the mature woman’s popularity is a reaction to the “savage girlfriend”. They are generous, serene, sexy, and full of love. This is what the little “wife” who is acting like a mischief is extremely lacking.