Old TCM Outpatient Clinic: Look at the color and identify the health

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Old TCM Outpatient Clinic: Look at the color and identify the health

Guide: Traditional Chinese medicine has been around for a long time. It is also one of the ways to identify health by looking at the complexion. The main point of looking at the complexion is to first grasp the most prominent features in the face, and at the same time, it is a particularly prominent description.

The following old Chinese medicine teaches you to look at the law of color alone.

What is complexion?

“Taiqing Shenjian” reads: “The physical form and body are the same as the basics; the complexion is the same as the leaves.

“Lun’s first studied the shape and body, and then the complexion.

You Yun: “Anyone who swims on the surface and fills the skin is called Qi; those who are outside the skin and on the skin are called color.

This is all from the five internal organs.

The so-called five internal organs are the liver, heart, spleen, lungs, and kidneys; the so-called five colors are blue, red, yellow, white, and black. These are the main points of traditional Chinese medicine in treating patients.

When looking at the complexion, in addition to the restraint of four o’clock, the moon order, the yin and yang, and the five elements, you must also carefully examine the changes in the color of each house and location to determine the good and bad, good fortune, and wealth.

Chinese medicine believes that the classification of color can be divided into ten types, including blue, red, yellow, white, black, red, purple, dark, stagnation, and hazy., Troubles, anger, fatigue, and spleen discomfort.

Red-main heart, reflecting small bowel disease, heat syndrome, local distortion, blood circulation complications, etc.

Yellow-main spleen, reflecting joy, wealth, joy, promotion, power, etc.

White-the main lung, reflecting sorrow, weariness, death, filial piety, punishment, etc.

Black-the main kidney, reflecting disease, calamity, wear and tear, loss of employment, punishment, etc.

Red-the heart, reflecting happy events, eroticism, celebration, entrepreneurship, wealth, etc.

Purple-Reflects joy, wealth, prosperity, and prosperity.

Dark, stagnant, hazy-these three are originally colorless, but they occur under the skin, but now appear on the skin. Most of them appear on the forehead, the eyes, the ears, the palms, etc., and the main journey is stagnant and loss.

When you see these three colors, the main time is not good, you should be conservative and patient, and wait for the time before you set off.

Tianting red, yellow, purple color-see the joy of wealth, promotion for officials, smooth career for business people, healthy and happy life.

Green-colored-the Lord is apprehensive, the official is the most taboo to prevent misconduct.

Red-colored-the master has public difficulties and defends the lawsuit.

White Qi-Main lung capacity is insufficient, Qi deficiency and blood deficiency, heart and liver weakness, loss of wealth or punishment.

Dark complexion-the main official or the career is unfavorable, the official is prevented from dereliction of duty, the business is not smooth, the health is poor, and the kidney function is abnormal.

Chiang Kai-shek red, yellow, purple color-the Lord Pepsi is wishful, seeking financial strength, seeking official position.

Green-colored-The Lord is very apprehensive, and the official is negligent or imprisoned.

Red-Prevents accidental injury or heart attack.

Dark complexion-disease of the main urinary system.

Yintang red, yellow, purple color-the main body is healthy, the family is prosperous, the wealth is good, the official is prosperous.

Green complexion-the main illness, job loss, pay attention to safety when going out.

Red color-right and wrong, red as a block to prevent fire.

White complexion-punishing six relatives, or seeing filial piety, preventing pulmonary dysfunction.

Dark complexion-either worry or shock, change or accident, if Yamane, longevity, and accuracy are also dark, prevent accidents.