[How to make dumpling stuffing delicious?

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】 _How to do _ Daquan

[How to make dumpling stuffing delicious?
】 _How to do _ Daquan

Nothing is better than dumplings. Dumplings can be said to have Chinese specialties. Eating dumplings during the Spring Festival means Chinese New Year, and eating dumplings has the flavor of the year. The practice of dumplings is very simple. The most important thing when making dumplings isThere are a lot of ingredients, with vegetarian ingredients, seafood can also be made into dumpling fillings to meet different nutritional and taste needs, how to mix dumpling fillings delicious?

Let ‘s take a look.


Onion ginger and minced meat, especially meat dumplings, must not be leftover. If there is onion ginger minced on top, the unique smell of meat filling will appear.

So be sure to add minced ginger and minced meat and mix well.


Fill the meat with water and pork, especially beef. When making dumplings or buns, remember to add water.

The method is to gently add water along the four sides, while stirring with chopsticks in one direction. It should be noted that if you are adding cabbage, do not add too much water, because the cabbage itself will have a lot of water.


Seasonings are placed in the meat. When some people mix dumplings, they like to mix the meat and mince first, and then add various condiments. This dumpling taste will definitely be greatly discounted.

You have to do this, first put the meat in the minced onion and ginger, then put the various seasonings in the meat in turn, stir well, and then add the vegetables you want to add.


Pour some edible oil into the meat. Some people say that since it is meat dumplings, there will be a lot of oil and water. Why pour in edible oil again, will it be very greasy?

Don’t worry about this, pour a little (a small spoonful) cooking oil into the meat filling. Such dumpling fillings are smooth and fragrant, and really not greasy. Five.

The vegetables in the dumpling stuffing shouldn’t be too dry. Some people will squeeze the vegetables in the meat stuffing very well. This is not good, so the dumplings will feel very “dry” and taste bad in the mouth., Especially vegetables such as celery, pakchoi, and big pepper, don’t squeeze them too dry.

Chinese cabbage is an exception, because the content of cabbage is extremely high, and if it is not squeezed, it will become a dumpling soup.


Don’t season too much. Some people say that dumplings and dumplings must be seasoned in many ways. This is wrong.

Regardless of whether it is cooking or making dumplings, the focus is on the aroma emitted by the complete material. The seasoning is only a step-by-step freshening effect, so do not put those messy seasonings, salt, proper flavor, soy sauce,The dumpling stuffing made in this way is absolutely bright and delicious.