The mouth of the mouth seeks fashion to lose weight

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The mouth of the mouth seeks fashion to lose weight

There is no one-size-fits-all plan, and there is no need to hungry and hungry. This “big thing” to lose weight is a simple arithmetic problem.

One day plus one day, 2 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg. How much can you lose in a year?

Let us liquidate once and give you a good look!

  The message “fat and thin” comes from one of the simplest formulas: 0.

5 kg weight = 3500 card speed weight loss big joy and sadness are the result of accurate body calculation.

If we implant less than 3,500 calories, the body will extract the same variable from the sputum and weigh less than zero.

5 kg.

  Conversely, if we absorb 3,500 more cards, the body will store it and increase its weight by zero.

5 kg.
It’s so easy to lose weight, but we rarely have time to “care” with adults, and those “not eating” rules often force us and cute food into enemies, compete with our own desires, and success is always a minority.

Happiness is the principle of life, and weight loss is no exception.

The next 11 articles, each of which has been thoroughly liquidated for adults. What is even more rare is that each of them protects our appetite at the same time. Choosing the right one for you, the more you eat, the thinner it is no longer the privilege of a few people.How much is it thin in a year?
I have the final say!

  Eat meat: a year thin 3?
6 kg of fertilizer?


Lose weight to a Chinese character on the side of the month to see a headache!

Animal feces are too similar to the form of feces in our body. Every time we take 100 calories from the animal’s feces, 97 calories will directly become fecal cells stored in the feces.

Let us now remove those that are visible!

Only buy pure lean meat or meat (more than 95% are lean meat).

Prepare a pair of scissors in the kitchen, remove the ribs and the aunts that can be seen on the surface of ordinary meat. Can you lose 3 in a year?
5 kg.

The skinned chicken breast has a transition of 300 cards, and the skin without a skin is 190 cards.

Use peeled chicken instead of ordinary chicken. You can reduce 110 cal units at a time. Can you lose 3 in a year?
6 kg.

  Mustard Sauce: Can you lose 4 in a year?
1 teaspoon of 6 kg of mayonnaise contains 100 calories, and tomato sauce has only 16 calories.

Using tomato sauce instead of mayonnaise to mix salads can reduce 84 calories and can lose 4 kilograms a year.

If you switch to mustard or lemon juice, you can lose 5 in a year?
6 kg.

Can iced drinks be thinner 3 times a year?
18 kilograms per gram of alcohol contains 7 calories, sugary soft drinks and sodas are more, and a cup contains about 100 calories or more.

From now on, at least one meal per day replaces alcohol or beverage with white water. Can you lose 3 in a year?
7 kg.

We can also use the alternative method: when drinking beverages and soda, fill the cup with ice (so at least half), and absorb 200 calories less in two days.

If you are getting used to drinking white water, you can insert a 400 card transition less every day.

Can you lose 10 in a year?18 kg.

Special note: Free water is excluded from white water.

Usually the standard glass of water is 250 ml.

You can estimate that we drink about 3 ml of water equivalent to 50 ml.

  Eat pizza: a year thin 3?
7 kg Your lunch is usually settled in the pizza shop on the first floor of the building. Will the conversion be too high?

Of course, but it doesn’t matter, you can eat pizza every day, but thick pizza is replaced by thin pizza.

Usually a thick pizza contains a transient 350 card, while a thin one has only 220 cards. Can you lose 3 in a year?
7 kg.

  Eat sweets for a year can be thin 3?
12 kilograms to eat sweets: can you lose 3 in a year?
12 kg really do not eat sweets?
Can you do it?

To be honest, most people can’t do it, and the more they are depressed, the more they want to eat.

Choose a low-calorie dessert, and enjoy it while you can lose 3 in a year?
12 kg!

60 grams of ordinary ice cream contains 10 grams of 姨160 calories.

Now we use a 200 gram strawberry (without an exception of only 52 cards) with a spoonful of whipped cream (with 1 gram exception, 10 card conversion) instead.

That is to satisfy the desire to eat dessert and not to gain weight, is life not very sweet?

You can do more at once, put the ingredients in the refrigerator, and take one at a time.

  “Frequently” eating: One of the reasons why you can lose 7 kilograms a year to cause binge eating is due to delayed decay.

Being in a “drought” state for a long time makes us feel “very bad”. As a result, we eat far more than we need, and we can’t stop even if we are full.

A little hungry, but not particularly hungry is the best time to eat.

Our body is about 3?
I feel obese in 5 hours.

If you eat 5 per day?
6 meals of low-fat, small amount of healthy meals, often create a sense of fullness, can lose 7 kilograms a year, which is why fitness coaches often “go” to eat.

  Eat slowly: Can you lose 5 in a year?
10 kilograms think about their manners, eat slowly and be more elegant.

Our stomach takes 20 minutes to digest food before it reaches the brain.

If we eat too fast, the transition will be exceeded before the “full” message is not communicated to the brain.

Eat slowly before you feel “full”, stop between each dish, stop at seven minutes, you can take less than 100 cards each time, twice a day for dinner, about 200 calories, one year can be thin 10kg.
Putting it with everyone can prevent a person from hiding and gorging. It is a good way to eat slowly.

  Eat fish: a year thin 4?
9 kg per 100 g of white fleshy fish contains only 1 gram of cockroach.

Replacing red meat with fish four times a week, each time you can reduce your intake by 200?
With 300 cards, you can reduce your intake of 1200 cards in a week.

In addition to diseases other than fish, fish are also rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which can reduce the incidence of plasma and cardiovascular diseases.

Even dark meat fish, the content of granules is very low, some weight is tuna, red mullet or fish contains 16 grams; light-colored fish, like squid, salmon only contains 5 grams.

  With the refrigerator: Can you lose 4 in a year?13 kg regularly clean your refrigerator.

Every refrigerator has something it should clean.

Check your own refrigerator, carefully clean it, and eat some of the cats that you can’t eat.

Then rearrange the “layout” of the refrigerator -* put the ice cream behind the ice.

* Put mineral water in front of the cola.

* Put a small amount of cheese, chocolate, sausage. on the lowest shelf.

If there are extra foods of the same kind, put them in a closed container that you are always too lazy to open.

* Put the fruit in the most eye-catching and most accessible place.

Take the following four steps when going to the refrigerator to take food – the first step: open the refrigerator. Step 2: Take 1 serving of food and put 200 grams of yogurt or 60 grams of ice cream instead of all.

The idea of putting the whole box out and eating it and then putting it back is often the result of eating it all and leaving nothing behind.

Step 3: Close the refrigerator door.

Step 4: Go to another room and sit down and slowly accept the delicious food you got.

If necessary, you can clean the refrigerator once a month.

  Non-stick pot cooking: Can you lose 4 in a year?
14 kg, do you cook with some kind of pot?

Change to a flat bottom non-stick pan!

Because the flat bottom non-stick pan can make the food not stick to the oil on the bottom surface of the pan, the meal is reduced by at least 100 calories per meal.

If the oil bottle is changed to a nozzle, only a little oil is sprayed on the surface of the food each time it is sintered, and more conversion can be reduced.

If you don’t need to fry, the braised cooking method, choose to roast, boil or steam, and reduce some of the fecal intake.

  A year thin 5?
Potato chips in 10 kg large food bags are of course more cost-effective than small food bags and potato chips.
So you often choose to throw a big food bag into the shopping basket.

However, if you look at the conversion table on the package, you will find that this is not a smart method – usually a large food bag has 240 more cards than a small food bag.

Most of the time you need it, you don’t have to fill your stomach, or satisfy your desire to eat, and it’s hard to control yourself to eat only a few slices or half a bag at a time, so it’s more cost-effective to buy only small food bags.

Can you lose 5 in a year?
10 kg.

Try not to go to the supermarket with your stomach empty.

The surprisingly stimulating and appetizing bowel sounds will allow us to constantly take large food bags from the shelves without thinking.