0-1 years old baby supplies to buy Raiders

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0-1 years old baby supplies to buy Raiders

It’s not too much to describe the baby products on the market with “dazzling”. The novice mother really has no direction.

The following is a mother’s experience with a lot of “BUY” experience, can not be said to be impractical, for all the mothers who are confusing for “BUY” things to do reference.

  Baby clothes and monks are now the average brand of baby clothes are 3 months a yard, according to my actual experience, there should be 0-1 months of clothing.

The baby grows very fast in the month, basically one or two a day, when the moon is already more than the birth.

I bought a lot of clothes before the baby was born. The most practical result is the monk that my family bought in the store and didn’t look at it.

Some brands of clothes are good-looking but not practical.

  For the baby of 0-1 month, my suggestion is to wear a monk on the upper body. It is the kind of belt on the waist. It is not suitable for buttons and sleeves.

Usually, if you have old clothes from other people’s babies, 0-3 months old baby, underwear can wear old clothes.

Mothers don’t have psychological barriers. This is not to save money. The key is that the baby’s skin is tender and the old clothes are more comfortable.

  Pants problems and climbing romper about the 0-1 month baby trousers problem, I recommend not wearing.

Because it is very difficult to wear pants for the baby in the month, and the baby is often wet, always need to change pants.

Conditional can do a few things like a sleeping bag, that is, the monk clothes are longer, like a grab, can cover the baby’s feet, the following is called the same seal, it is best to do such a dress.They all use cloth tapes.

The easiest way to do this is to have a bigger towel around your baby’s waist and tie it with a cloth strap.

Next, use a cloth to take your mouth.

This is often the case in the son’s month, and his grandmother said that the towel is a fish tail.

  If the mother intends to use the diaper from the beginning of the month, the best choice for the baby clothes before the age of one is to climb the romper. The son sleeps at night is diaper, and the pajamas before the age of 2 are all rompers.
The biggest advantage of climbing a romper is that the baby can move freely without worrying about the baby’s stomach being cold.

  When expecting mothers to prepare clothes for their baby, be careful not to buy too much for each size, because the baby grows very fast, and it is necessary to consider what season the baby was born, corresponding to how big the baby is in each season and prepare the clothes.

I made this mistake at the time. I bought too many sons when I was pregnant, and I didn’t think about the seasons. As a result, some clothes couldn’t be worn even without opening.

  In addition, the new mother should pay attention to not excessively superstitious brand clothes, but to believe more about their own feelings, pay attention to thickness and workmanship.

In addition, the mother must insist on washing the new clothes twice before giving it to the baby.

  Diaper diapers have become a must-have for babies.

In my experience, when I go to sleep at night, I still use paper diapers for my baby. Once the adults are not so hard, the baby’s sleep quality is better. It is necessary to know that the baby who sleeps well is good.

There are still boys who use paper diapers. I have no scientific basis after reviewing the reorganized medical materials.

  The diapers used by my baby are high-end products, which are more expensive than ordinary diapers, but the effect of this money is visible.

I have also used ordinary diapers, but when I give my son a change, I will find a small butt tide, and the big brand products have no such problem.

I personally recommend using the Ace of Curious Slim and Dry and Pampers to be ultra-thin and dry.

  The baby bottle was replaced by breast milk before the age of half, so the bottle was not bought much before the age of half.

Later, domestically made love, Japanese pigeons, and the British New Aventie have tried, the emergence of several bottles is relatively small, but the baby has a preconceived problem, the baby is half-year-old with domestically made love to drink water,So he has always preferred the bottle of love.

Because my family is born with a pigeon, I only accept pigeons before I was one year old.

My fact is that mothers don’t have to spend more money on this, and it is most important for the baby to get used to it.

Also, Dr. Brown’s bottle, according to other mothers, is not bad.

  Milk powder baby is replaced by 100% breast milk before half-year old. After half-year-old, the quality and quantity of milk have plummeted because of work.

Mothers who work after childbirth should pay special attention to this problem. I didn’t pay attention to it at the time. In the first month of work, I didn’t pay attention to my milk. The baby was hungry and barely long.

Domestic milk powder and imported milk powder have been eaten by my baby. Finally, I have been eating Abbott for 3 years.

It feels that the domestic milk powder has a higher sugar content, and the bottle is difficult to wash after the imported milk powder is brewed.

Even if there is a difference in nutrition, there is not much difference in terms of the development of the son. The reason why Abbott was chosen lastly is that the son likes this taste, and the son drinks his family’s milk powder without constipation.

  Drinking cup drinking cup My baby used the standard drinking cup of Edley, the drinking cup of straw baby room with straw, the magic cup of Xinyiyi.I highly recommend the New Comfort Magic Cup.

  The drinking cup that was originally purchased was a standard drinking cup for Edley, which was basically not used twice.

Because the baby used it as a water bottle from the beginning.

Adults don’t say that they are cleaning the battlefield behind them. After each use, they must change their clothes from head to toe. The statement of his grandmother is more laborious than using ordinary cups.

Later, I went to the counters of many brands and found that no matter how beautiful the design is, there are basically disadvantages that the baby can be used as a watering can.

  The second one is the drinking cup with a straw in the Li Ying room. It is actually more like a kettle without a strap.

The outer shell is a cartoon image that can be pushed. The baby likes it and solves the problem of sprinkling water.

But the problem is, in fact, the baby is in the water is not drinking water, can not exercise the baby drinking water, there is a disadvantage is that the baby likes to bite the straw, the son bite the straw.

  The last thing I bought was the AVENT Magic Cup.

The design of this cup really has nothing to say, completely solve the problem of sprinkling water, and can change the spout for different ages.

The spout used by the baby is a gutta-percha material and is not afraid of the baby biting.

Expensive is a bit expensive, but it is worth it. The design and materials are quite good, not afraid of the baby falling.

The baby is still in use now, because going out to play until you have to drink water in the car, don’t worry that he will lie or scatter on his body.

  Tableware chairs are recommended first for dining tables and chairs. Many mothers are very willing to buy a trolley that is not used. When the baby can sit on the table and chair for 7 or 8 months, hesitate.

In order to cultivate good eating habits for the baby, the dining table should still be bought.

And now the design of the dining table and chair is also very scientific, basically one table can be used more, my baby’s dining table and chair is taken apart to be used as a small desk by the son, the chair is in use.

I bought the whole child of the good wood and the quality is very good.

  Bowls and spoons About bowls, I don’t recommend sucker bowls, which is a bowl with a suction cup that can be attached to the table to prevent knocking over the bowl.

I bought a super expensive one, and the baby’s attention shifted from the meal to how to move the bowl up, and eventually he was overthrown.

It is recommended to buy a double-layer stainless steel bowl in the supermarket, because the baby usually eats longer time. This bowl can guarantee that the food in the last bowl is still warm, and the stainless steel material is not afraid to fall.

  For spoons, mothers who like to visit the baby products store must pay attention to the silicone head spoon. 0-6M baby can buy one, because when feeding the baby, occasionally touching the baby’s gums will not be very distressing, don’t likeI buy more, that is to design a variety of shapes is nothing more than want to earn more money in the mother’s pocket, buy a suitable size, ordinary shape can be.

When the baby learns to eat by himself, it is better to use stainless steel, because the baby is easy to cook with a stainless steel spoon.

And the baby does not have the problem of touching the gums at all.

  I have bought too many baby pockets. If it is just to prevent the baby’s saliva from getting wet, then all brands of pockets are not as good as gauze masks, because gauze masks are very absorbent and very soft.The price is cheaper than the average baby, it is really affordable.

  For the pockets used for eating, I would recommend a baby bag with a very reasonable design.

When the baby was 8 months old, I began to train him to eat, but the “battlefield” situation after each son’s meal was really unbearable.

Even if you put on a dinner gown, a meal down the dining chair, the ground is full of residue, the baby’s pants often have to change.

One day I found a baby pocket that was a bit like a broken scorpion. At the time, the sales lady said that the design had won the European Award.

It’s good to go home and use it.

The baby’s leaked rice, vegetables, and even soup water, all pocketed, and cleaning is very convenient.

  Bedding Cribs are the first question of whether or not a crib should be bought.

Personally think that you must buy it. It is neither healthy nor safe for small babies and adults to sleep on big beds.

But many mothers are suffocating the crib white investment, the wrong is not in bed, not in the baby.

Instead, these mothers did not insist on letting the baby sleep in the crib since the baby was born.

One of my nieces was 2 months older than the baby, and there were two beds. The result turned into a storage basket, and my baby was not as good as my baby from a small sleep.

Therefore, I suggest that mothers insist on sleeping in the cot from the beginning.

In order to help the baby develop this habit, even in the middle of the month, sitting in the middle of the night to feed the baby, to avoid being lazy, the baby will snuggle around me in the middle of the night.

Once the baby is used to sleeping in his cot, you let him sleep in a big bed, he still does not do it.

  Sleeping bags My baby doesn’t like sleeping bags.

If my mother insists on buying a sleeping bag, I suggest buying a pair of robes like sleeves, and the baby’s hands can move freely.This kind of sleeping bag is still barely acceptable in my winter.

  Urine is not wet pad, not wet, the use is not too big.

If you sleep at night, you can use a diaper for your baby. You can still buy a piece. In the winter, the pad is prepared under the bed sheet.

When choosing, pay attention to the choice of softness and breathability.

If you plan to use it, it is recommended to buy a big brand. The key is to lay it under the baby’s bed for a long time, or to be breathable and impervious.

Remind all of you that this kind of thing can be used when you go home and wash it with warm water. Don’t use hot water. This kind of material is not hot.

  Small quilt baby quilt preparation should pay attention to thin to thick, followed by thin towel blanket, thick towel blanket, air conditioning thin quilt, cotton velvet blanket, autumn quilt, cashmere quilt.

It is reasonable to prepare two sets for each season to avoid the situation of bedwetting at night and to be in a hurry.

In order to avoid waste, it is ok to prepare two thick towel blankets and a thin towel blanket.

For example, if the autumn is wet, you can use the air conditioner to replace the cotton velvet blanket, the air conditioner is wet, you can use 2 thick towel blankets to replace, etc., see your mother’s arrangement.

The key is that the level of the baby cover is a little more complicated than the adults, so that it can avoid the baby’s cover and effectively prevent the baby from kicking the quilt.

  I have replaced the baby card in the stroller car. This brand has good quality and the price is moderate.

Here I want to talk about buying a certain kind of car.

  First of all, many mothers bought a stroller before the child was born. I was no exception. I bought the most luxurious one at that time, and the result was the lowest utilization rate among many cars.

So think that it is best not to buy, especially if there are ancestors to help bring the baby, but do not need to buy.

Because grandparents like to put the little ones in their arms, as long as the baby goes out to taste the sweetness of the hug, naturally it will not be a small cart.

Now I often see my grandmother in the yard mentioning the little baby in front, and the mother is pushing a small cart in the back.

I just thought about the addiction of a cart. I might as well push the old strollers from my friends and family.

If you really want to buy, just buy a light and easy style.

  The second paragraph is for leaders, mothers, don’t buy a walker.

When my son was 7 months old, I bought it. Less than a week after I bought the walker, I saw a paper written by a child expert about the walker and the toddler belt. It is generally said that walking upright is human nature.The walker and toddler belt will affect the establishment of a child’s sense of balance.

So I asked for additional information, and then I observed that my son used to walk the stroller when he was walking on the walker. After 10 days of purchase, the toddler walked into the cold palace with the toddler, and did not let his son use it again.
Later, I saw the little girl who used the walker to rush into the same yard and jumped until the 2nd-year-old walk. It became more and more that the expert was right.

The son learned to walk is 1 year old and 2 months old. Although it is not early, he walked very well at the beginning.

  When the baby is 7 months old, it is recommended to buy a small tricycle with a footrest and push handle.

I recommend this car because the baby is stable after 7 months, and the baby is heavy. It is very hard to go out and play. It is necessary to get on and off the car. This baby of the tricycle can be used for more than 2 years old, etc.If your baby’s feet are long enough, you can step on your own pedals and control your own direction.

In addition, the car is not heavy, the mother who lives in the tall building does not have to worry too much.

Dental care products, pacifiers, pacifiers should be used, experts also have their own statements, it is said that it is conducive to the baby’s oral development, but also said that it is not conducive to the development of baby gums.

After reading many articles, I personally think that there should be no problem before the baby is used for teething. After 6 months, I suggest that you use it carefully.

Whether the pacifier is useful or not, different babies are really different.

It’s useless to my son because my son refuses to use it, but I have also seen a baby who is using it very well.

Here you should especially recommend to your mother, once your baby refuses to use the first pacifier you bought, don’t buy one after another like me. I bought a total of 7 or 8 models of 5 or 6 brands.After the pacifier, I completely understood that my son would not accept the pacifier. He prefers his thumb.

Therefore, it is recommended to buy a pacifier, the difference between the brands is not big, the style looks at the hobby of your mother, do not look at the cheap baby does not like to change a more expensive, it is a waste of money.

  I also bought 4 teeth gels, which are not cheap.

It feels no good for my baby.

There is also a molar stick, it is also useless to buy it, and every time his son licks these stuff, it makes him feel the anger of his stomach.

The result is that the father’s own baked taro and the apple strip made by the mother are used as molars to make the baby like it.

However, when using the apple strip to make the baby grind, pay attention to the thickness, do not let the baby break, swallow.

  Toothbrushes often visit the baby products store mother must have seen 0-6M baby toothbrush and 6-24M baby toothbrush, are very cute stuff, 0-6M is a round head, 6-24 monthsIt’s a bit like a normal toothbrush, and the head is the same material as the tooth gel.

For your baby’s healthy teeth, in addition to letting your baby brush your teeth every day, don’t give your baby any sweet food before going to bed. You must feed your baby a little boiled water after eating and before going to bed.If the baby uses the toothbrush as a toy, it can be played under the strict supervision of the mother. The sticks are played alone and afraid of accidents.

A toothbrush with a music handle is recommended, and it will be more fun for the baby to play.

  Toys recommend several models that are especially good for moms.

  The first recommended item is a three-piece baby from Berry, a rattle, a speaker and a telephone receiver. Three things are suitable for the baby to play, and the baby will like it too.

The price is not high, the average mother can accept.

  The second recommended item is the baby gymnasium. Whether it is Bailey or Difu, the price is not cheap.

If the baby is less than 3 months old, you can consider buying one. If it is too big, it will be unnecessary. It will be a waste.

It is best to use second hand, this toy baby is generally not bad.

  The recommended third paragraph is the size of the ring, this toy can well cultivate the baby to learn the concept of size.

I also bought Bailiwei, other brands also have this product, the price will be much cheaper, but the material is not as good as Bailiwei.

  The recommended fourth paragraph is a tent plus a marine ball.

This toy requires the baby to have a very spacious space at home to place the tent, which can be purchased after the baby is 6 months old.

The son had to climb into his tent every day for an hour.

The price of a tent plus 400 marine balls is really not cheap, but this toy seems to be very high in my opinion.

  The last toy recommended in the 0-1 year old stage is the toy that beats the ball. I also choose the Baileywei, which is the ball of four colors, each with its own position, so that the baby can hit the ball with a small hammer, the ball willFalling out of the dark road.

This toy 8 and later babies will like to play, and in the process of playing, the baby knows 4 basic colors.

There are many kinds of toys in this category. The suggestion is not to buy wood materials, and to withstand the beating.

  0-1 year old babies still use the mouth to know the world, so the toys that are chosen for the baby must be able to let them bite.

All electric, remote control is not recommended to buy, all plush toys are not recommended to buy, all wooden toys are not recommended to buy.

Because wooden toys are painted, even if it is a safe paint, you should wait a little longer and play.