[Olive rapeseed]_ energy _ nutritional value

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[Olive rapeseed]_ energy _ nutritional value

Olive dish is something that many people usually like to eat, but for people who lose weight, when they eat every kind of food, they pay special attention to the change of this kind of food. The conversion of olive dish is relatively high.It is not suitable to eat more, but the vitamin content in olive vegetables and the content of various trace elements required by the human body are very high. Regular consumption can promote human blood circulation and detoxification.

Are olives traces high? 473 kcal / 100 g, which is relatively high and not suitable for eating more.

Can olive vegetables be eaten for weight loss 1.
Principle analysis: Black sesame seeds: sweet sesame seeds, blood and eyesight, Qufeng Runchang, Shengjintong milk, liver and hair, body strengthening, anti-aging and other effects, the most important thing is the ability to lose weight.

Olive vegetables: Olive vegetables contain the most precious vitamins and calcium and iodine needed by the human body. They also contain iron, zinc, magnesium and other trace elements.

Olive vegetables not only have these nutrients, but also promote blood circulation and improve liver detoxification.

Black sesame combined with olive vegetables: both have the ability to promote metabolism and break down tiny amounts, and in the process of heating, they are easily absorbed by the human body, which will purify the environment and reduce the accumulation of constipation, thereby reducing bowel weight.

2. Sesame and olive vegetable practice materials: 20g black sesame and 30g olive vegetable Production method: Wash the olives, then remove them with boiling water and air them.

After that, add black sesame seeds and condiments to stir. It can be eaten cold or eaten with heat. It has a good burning effect.

3, sesame olives + bean sprouts material: sesame olives 30g, bean sprouts 100g production method: the bean sprouts cooked in hot water with the sesame olives prepared in the previous step, stir and serve.

You can use this meal for three meals a day, three to five times a week, and it works weekly.

How to preserve canned olives: crush the olives, dip the astringent juice or cook it before immersing in water for two days. After the astringent juice is drained, stir fry repeatedly with oil and salt in the pot, then add in the middlePut the pickled leaves (preferably the old pickled leaves), and boil for a few hours on a low fire, and become black olive-like black olives.

Cool into the altar.

The oil in this dish needs to be concentrated, which is very helpful for digestion and appetizing. Just take some dishes and serve them. The water in the altar can not be mixed with raw water, it will not mold, and can be stored for several months.